We're bananas for burgers


Sure, burgers have staying power. The real question lies in whether Minnesotans will remain loyal to their favorite burger joints or will they allow their wallets and stomachs to wander the rapidly expanding local burger landscape.

There are currently no less than four new or pending burger options (check out Heavy Table's long post) in the Twin Cities and dang is their competition stiff. We've got the Bulldog (take yer pick), the Nook, Matt's, the 5-8, The Blue Door (itself quite new) and how many other burger stars staring the newbies down.

A burger timeline:

September 25, 2008: The Blue Door opened its doors to immediate eager, massive crowds. Place is a hit.

March 16:American Burger Bar kicks things off in downtown St. Paul at the old Matty B's location. Too new to say, but early reports pin the burgers as a tad too spendy.

Early May: SmashBurger slated to open two locations in Minnesota in St. Anthony and Golden Valley. Check out Rachel's preview.

Mid-May: Five Guys Burgers & Fries will open up shop in Edina. The well-liked chain, which originated in 1986 in Arlington, Va., already has a location in St. Cloud.

May 19: Burger Jones, another project from Parasole, the Edina-based company responsible for Chino Latino, Manny's and other local spots will open on West Lake, near Lake Calhoun.