Wendy's new fries are natural, but are they better?

Just in time for sweat-pants season, fast food also-ran Wendy's has debuted it new "natural"  fries. After spending an estimated $25 million on a new ad campaign touting the benefits of the skin-on, sea-salted crispies Wendy's is hoping you'll take a chance on change.

The prevailing ideas behind the campaign are that sea salt is better than processed regular table salt, there are more nutrients in the potato skins that are discarded by their competitors, the thinner cut fry will be tantalizingly tasty, and at least on the surface appear to be more healthful.  The only thing that really matters is: How do these new fries taste?  

In a couple of words?  Not great. The grease soaked through the cardboard container and marred the white bag with the telltale signs of the unhealthy. The sea salt tasted no different than the iodized and coated every fry. They were incredibly salty and required the refreshing bubbles of a super-sized fountain carbonated beverage. The interior texture was still soft, but not quite the mashed potato quality of the former fry.  After a few tastes, no one was feeling any healthier.  Instead, we were thirstier and a little underwhelmed.

While there's nothing wrong with the fry, it wasn't exactly anything to brag about.

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