Welp, Bellecour has just closed-closed.

La séparation est une si douce peine.

La séparation est une si douce peine. Amelia Rayno, Star Tribune

The surprising announcement that Bellecour, the Wayzata-based French bistro established in 2017 to much critical praise, is donezo comes just two days after a prior memo informed diners that a staff member had tested positive for COVID-19, and would temporarily suspend operations “for the time being so we can deep clean our space.”

This new, decidedly more permanent outcome paints a broader picture of Bellecour – one told from chef-owner Gavin Kaysen’s perspective.

“The future of the hospitality profession has been rocked and will continue to be rocked by the pandemic,” wrote Kaysen, in a lengthy goodbye letter bidding adieu to the Twin Cities dining community. 

“As the days and weeks have gone by,” he continued, “we have realized that in a location that is so dependent on seasonal success we are losing more than we can sustain. When the pandemic came, it was just as we were gearing up for the season, and our ability to bounce back has been extremely limited.”

“As a result, we have come to the painful decision to close Bellecour effective immediately. The loss of this restaurant fills me with sadness and frustration, but I remain humbled by the overwhelming support from my management team and guests. We are continuing to work hard to turn this moment into a positive and focus all of our efforts on Spoon and Stable, Demi and the Bellecour Bakery Pop Up located at Cooks of Crocus Hill in the North Loop.”

No mention was made of the original cause for closing Bellecour (read: what, to whom). And on Instagram, the restaurant’s initial post informing the community of the positive COVID test is absent, too, which streamlines the Beard-winning brand's narrative arc, depending on where the public is looking for information.

Find Kaysen’s full parting letter to an establishment that served truly delectable fare below: