Wednesday Pick: Live Music & Dead Meat @ the Turf


Tosca Chef Landon Schoenfeld will be serving up some meat eats tomorrow (possibly inspired by his recent Italian jaunt) for an evening of eating, drinking and making merry at the Turf.

Gastro Non Grata's Craig Drehmel will be pouring wine to go with it and Nikki Miller of the blog Stuffed Pheasant will be giving away game sausage and hunting gear (wow), all to the sound of some local tunes. Quite the night!

Miller, the brains behind the first-time event, says she wanted to organize something that united her interests in music, hunting and taxidermy (topics which cozily share space on her blog).

She'd like to be an ongoing series. "I'm hoping to have a game meat barbecue sometime this summer," she says.

Drehmel says he'll be pouring two wines, the first a Cru Beaujolais. "There are 13 villages in Beaujolais that are really good," Drehmel says. "And people need to know that there's more to it than nouveau."

The second will be a Nero d'Avala, which is a Sicilian grape, and chosen because, according to Drehmel, it's the new wave of what pizza wine should be. " ... just enough acid to go with food or drink fine by itself," he says.