We all need one of these Minnesota-made chairs with a built-in beer tap

You'll never have to get up again!

You'll never have to get up again! Manny Moreno, Do Wood Son

On Sunday night, millions around the world tuned in to catch the season premiere of a certain HBO show, hoping to learn who will claim the Iron Throne.

On Saturday afternoon, a slightly smaller (but still sold-out) crowd descended on the Minneapolis Convention Center for the 2019 Minnesota Craft Beer Festival, where they saw the slightly more colorful, definitely more comfortable chair pictured above. You won't be able to rule Westeros from it, but it'll absolutely make you the king/queen of your next backyard barbecue—this one-of-a-kind seating situation has a built-in beer tap.

Better yet, it's made by a local: Minneapolis woodworker Manny Moreno. He's made more than 500 custom chairs over the last three years, many of them heavy on the Minnesota pride. (Think Prince, lake vistas, just about every 'sota sports team you can think of.)

This chair was commissioned by La Doña Cervecería owner Sergio Manancero, and Moreno approached him with the somewhat bonkers of incorporating a functional beer tap during their initial planning meeting.

"I tried doing some research and couldn't find anything similar, so I went for it," Moreno says. It made its public debut this weekend at the festival, where "there had to have been 8,000 people there, and the chair drew quite the crowd. It was very popular."

Here's how it works: The chair has a small a cubby in the back of chair that can hold a 2.5 gallon keg (with CO2 canister and regulator) and enough ice to keep it chilly. A tap line line runs underneath the chair and arm to a single beer tap. A keg that size holds about 24 cans worth of of beer, and the set-up makes this chair a total original.

There is a Michigan-based woodworker whose chairs are outfitted with a mechanical system that dispenses beer cans. (It's kind of cool.)

"But in my opinion, that's doing too much," Moreno says. "My beer chair is cooler, easier and convenient. I reinvented the chair and beer drinking experience."

Simply put?

"This chair is bad ass."

Apparently people here agree: He sold four more at the Craft Beer Festival yesterday. If you want to commision a craft beer throne of your own, Moreno's Etsy and website are here and here.