Watermelon Crawl at Boneyard Kitchen & Bar: Head south of the Mason-Dixon with this drink of the week

Boneyard is shaking off winter with summery Southern libations.

Boneyard is shaking off winter with summery Southern libations.

Watermelon Crawl Boneyard Kitchen & Bar $10.95

You remember summer, don't you? Denim cut-offs and dips in the lake, frosty brews and cooking things outside over an open flame? Boneyard will make you a believer in warmth and happiness again with its down-home Dixie look and feel. From the chicken wire inlay on the bar and plates speckled like heirloom eggs to the well-worn cast iron skillets lining the walls, this scaled up barbecue joint will get you in a summer state of mind with a chicken-fried rib in one hand and a Watermelon Crawl in the other.


Selection and sophistication abound on this newly launched cocktail list, a list which extends well beyond the average Lynchburg Lemonade but remains true to the Southern roots beneath the Boneyard. Barkeep Jeremiah recommended the Cabritos Americano, made up of cilantro-infused Camarena tequila, Cocchi americano rosa, and lime, as well as the Watermelon Crawl, a purdy and potent mix of Bulleit bourbon, pickled watermelon, and Catdaddy moonshine.

Yes, moonshine. Catdaddy Moonshine is corn-based triple-distilled, legally made moonshine from North Carolina. If you, like most people, have steered clear of moonshine on account of its reputedly harsh, throat numbing flavor and whomp of super-strength alcohol, it's time to put aside your prejudices and give Catdaddy a try. The original is spiced with a proprietary blend, lending the liquor unexpectedly sophisticated notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Most importantly, it blends beautifully in the Watermelon Crawl.

The end result is a pretty-in-pink sipper, sweet, tangy, and refreshingly light alongside the typically heavy BBQ fare. Something in the air's got us thinking "summer" (well, at least "spring") and this juicy cocktail more than fits the bill. Stop in for the Johnny cakes smothered in pulled pork and spicy jalapeno syrup, stay for the Watermelon Crawl, and leave room for dessert: cast-iron baked peach cobbler and a bourbon milk punch, please.

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