Watch Kobayashi Feast on Veal Brains at the Zombie Pub Crawl

Last year's participants

Last year's participants

What's a zombie-themed celebration without a little brain consumption? In proper walking dead fashion, the Twin Cities' annual Zombie Pub Crawl is hosting its second consecutive brain-eating contest this Saturday in Minneapolis's Warehouse District in the midst of a full day of gory festivities.

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Competitive eating is unsettling to begin with, but at least most of the foods consumed are familiar. Throw an atypical edible organ into the mix and things are bound to get a little messy. Fortunately, most spectators will already be sloppy drunk and covered in fake blood, so the addition of vomit and brain matter shouldn't change much.

The veal brains will be served in tacos prepared by Andrew Zimmern's AZ Canteen. Roughly 75 pounds of veal brain are purchased for the event, with individual brains weighing in at .75 to one pound each.

This year's brain-eating competition will give spectators a chance to see world-renowned competitive eater Kobayashi in action. Kobayashi has won six Guinness World Records for eating Twinkies, hot dogs, meatballs, hamburgers, pizza, and pasta.

"Kobayashi will be participating instead of Joey Chestnut," Zombie Pub Crawl founder Chuck Terhark says. "They are the top two eaters in the world, and they never appear in the same contest together due to contract disputes, so we're going to see if Kobi can beat Joey's record of 54 brain tacos in 8 minutes."


Will Kobayashi beat Chestnut's record, or will veal brains prove to be too much? See for yourself this Saturday at 6 p.m. on the Red Stage at Fifth Street and First Avenue. Tickets for the Zombie Pub Crawl are available here.

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