Watch Irish people puzzle over Minnesota craft beers

Bent Paddle's 14° ESB: "Oh, it smells like a craft beer."

Bent Paddle's 14° ESB: "Oh, it smells like a craft beer." YouTube: Try Channel

The Irish are people of good humor and little temperance. In these aspects, they’re a bit like Midwesterners.

Last week, a longhaired YouTuber by the name of Irish Jesus took on the responsibility of evaluating Minnesota’s craft beer scene for the Try Channel, joining the worlds of Ireland and Minnesota in a glorious piece of blogger catnip.

“I like Minnesota people!” Irish Jesus proclaims, absolutely knowing his audience. Then, for reasons understood only by the content oligarchs at YouTube, the intrepid Emerald Islander joined with five of his countrymen to evaluate four local beers. Unlike Minnesotans, the panel is far from passive aggressive with their evaluations of our local libations. Here’s how they reacted to all four:

Bent Paddle 14° ESB
The first beer presented to the panel is a treat from Duluth’s Bent Paddle. But the Irish are not swayed by the three-time GABF winner. Irish Jesus, for his part, describes it as a “mouthful of pennies.” The nicest thing said is that it’s better than Smithwicks. Not exactly a grand endorsement.

Modist Dreamyard
Minnesota’s Best Beer of 2018 is a surprising experience for the panel. After swooning over the can, each of the six samplers balks at Dreamyard’s 7.1% ABV. However, all are amazed by how the mango juiciness masks the high alcohol. One remarks that it tastes like the beer “went on a vacation to Thailand.” Sounds lovely.

Modist First Call
Another from Modist, who at this point in the video take on the designation of “the moist boys” for very Irish reasons. Again, they filibuster over the label, pointing out the contradiction of the “mind-blowing” and “easy-drinking” coffee lager. Ever the pragmatists, the panel has a hard time understanding why you’d imbue a lager with this much coffee.

Hammerheart Imperial Longship
In the final salvo of this made-to-be-blogged video, the drinkers go heavy on a bomber of Lino Lakes’ Hammerheart Imperial Longship. The 13.4% makes their collective eyes bug out. “Fuckin’ hell” is the universal response after the first sip. “A beer should not give you heartburn after one sip,” one panelist posits. Another compares it to Scottish gutrot Buckfast. A lot of pirate jokes are tossed around.

Final conclusion? Despite the reactionary hyperbole, the panel ends on a positive note. In the words of Irish Jesus: “Minnesota is sound for the drink.”