Watch Bauhaus Brew Labs' shot-for-shot remake of the iconic 'Mr. Plow' ad

What's that name?

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The zenith of humanity's cultural achievements? It's widely agreed to be seasons 1-10 of The Simpsons

You likely won't hear dissenting opinions from the crew at Bauhaus Brew Labs. The northeast Minneapolis brewery/taproom just dropped a new ad, and you better believe it's shot-for-shot remake of the iconic commercial from Season 4 classic "Mr. Plow."

That episode, of course, details Homer's adventures in the snow-plowing business. When squeezed by competition from Barney's rival Plow King operation, Homer seeks to boost his Mr. Plow biz with a bigger-budget TV ad. The resulting spot is a dizzyingly pretentious, art-house clip that barely alludes to the service of snow removal. 

See for yourself: 


Here's Bauhaus' homage, which plugs its new Winterloper Baltic Porter -- an 8 percent ABV sipper featuring hints of caramel and dried fruit. 


Video production team Urban Mountain made the "Mr. Winterloper" ad possible, with musical assists from Brian Casey, the Groove Music, and Laura Lou. The beer itself will be available beginning this week at liquor stores and inside Bauhaus' taproom at 1315 Tyler St. NE.

Earlier this year, Bauhaus won our coveted Best Commercial prize for its Indiana Jones spoof. 

Last year, Hollywood Reporter published this delightful 25th anniversary oral history of "Mr. Plow" -- that name again is Mr. Plow!