Washington Post sponsors "Peeps Show"


This did not make the Post's cut. brettneilson/Flickr

Easter is only five weeks and some change away and you know what that means: It's open season on Peeps! To celebrate, the Washington Post is hosting its third highly entertaining "Peeps Diorama Contest."

If you are so inclined and inspired, you have until this Sunday, March 15 to put together your own Peep-centric take on pop culture, history or current events or what have you. I personally think a bunny Peep could be made into a fairly convincing Al Franken. A Peep take on "Juno" could be funny too (a pregnant Peep!).

Check out last year's favored entries here. Don't miss #8, a Peep take on the Larry Craig incident, #17 ("Plumbing Peep") or "Elvis Peepsley" (#27).