Want to Write for Us? City Pages Seeks Contributing Food Writer


Write like you don't need the money. Love restaurants like you've never been hurt by your favorite one closing for good. Dance like no one's watching as you swipe the last brown butter glazed at Bogart's.

Food fiends, we're looking for a damn fine writer whose passion for dining and drinking borders on obsession. Interested? Read on.

Our team is dedicated to all things edible and potable -- from sour beers and tacos to coffee and killer Hollandaise. If this is your heartsong, know that we're currently looking for a part-time contributor to our food coverage. Put your storytelling skills to work, exploring the ins and outs of eating in the Twin Cities. Of course, knowledge of food and the food scene is preferable, but writing ability and a strong, engaging voice are paramount.

Email us with your ideas, writing samples, and interests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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