Want to drink beer with sharks? Fins and Flights has you covered.

Fins and Flights attendees are as curious about this shark as it is about their beer…

Fins and Flights attendees are as curious about this shark as it is about their beer… Courtesy of Sea Life

Who among us doesn’t know that feeling of tossing back one too many suds, only to end up with a head that’s gone swimming? 

It seems the good folks at Sea Life, located in Minnesota’s holiest temple—Mall of America, obvi—took the good parts of that feeling and ran with it by creating Fins and Flights. In hosting this annual evening of grown-up quasi-underwater beer tasting, MOA’s aquarium encourages ocean lovers to embrace their sea legs and get a little wobbly. 

In Fins and Flights, they’ve taken the fun of your average after-hours, adult-only museum night and repositioned those shenanigans inside Minnesota’s largest aquarium. Drink in hand, patrons can explore our world (and mall’s) briny mysteries when not making pretzel necklaces (should a "snacklace" prove necessary to, er, tide you over). 

For one night, they ensure quality craft beer collides with creatures from the darkest depths. Doesn’t sipping something thematic—like, say, a nice gose—while staring at a soothing wall of jellyfish sound more pleasing by the second?

Some of the state’s finest breweries will be on hand for the (ticketed) event, where guests can roam the aquarium grounds for two hours, after the lights go out—and, more importantly, after kids’ betimes.

Timed so the wee-est among us will be tucked in bed for the night, Fins and Flights is designed to bring adult patrons even closer to sharks and sturgeon. The glories of Seahorse Kingdom undoubtedly shine brighter without a sea of littles knocking about our knees, as does The Tunnel, haloed by its plethora of sharks and baddies swimming overhead… without a river of toddlers more mystified by the moving walkway maintaining the human current through the glass tube. 

Moreover, the childless among us need not bother with pretending we weren’t just at Margaritaville for yuks on a random weekday before hitting up Sea Life, because the ocean is, unarguably, bad-ass.


Fins and Flights
Sea Life at Mall of America
3800 American Blvd. E., Bloomington
East Side Level 1
Friday, November 8, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.