Wanna buy Dave's Popcorn & Ice Cream, the iconic south Minneapolis snack shack?

Kaylee Everly/Star Tribune

Kaylee Everly/Star Tribune

For the second time in three years, Dave's Popcorn & Ice Cream is hitting the market. 

Opened in 1957, the iconic south Minneapolis snack shack was scooped up by current owner Andy Gray in 2015. The Gray family inherited Dave's classic flame-roasted popcorn recipes and machinery, and added a premium ice cream line that debuted last year. 

Now, they're ready to sell. 

"My three kids have graduated, one of 'em moved outta town, so my family labor force is not available," chuckles Gray, adding that his full-time job as a pastor means limited time for slingin' kernels and cones. 

"I love the people, love the neighborhood," Gray says. "We did a lot to be more consistently open and present. I just don’t have the time to develop and cultivate the business more -- there’s really a lot of opportunity." 

Interested in taking over at 1848 E. 38th St.?

Gray is asking $159,000 for the business (brand name, recipes, equipment, etc.) plus the 280-square-foot building sitting on a .1-acre lot. Or, if you'd rather lease, he's willing to sell just the business for $59,000. Several potential buyers have already emerged, reports Gray, who acquired the property for $93,400 back in '15, according to county records. 

Whoever buys Dave's, Gray would prefer they carry on its legacy. 

"That would be optimal. I love Dave’s," he says. Loyal customers hope Dave's survives, too. When Gray announced his plan to sell the throwback popcorn hut on Monday, fans on Facebook reacted with tear-emoji concern. After all, recent additions along 38th Street -- a new co-op, Funky Grits, Tiny Diner, Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub -- signal a fancier future the east-west thoroughfare.

"[Dave's] feels like it’s a neighborhood treasure, people really wanna see it stay open," Gray says. "We get nostalgic stories all the time, all kinds of fantastic stories."

Send Gray a Facebook message if you're interested in buying Dave's. In the meantime, he's aiming to open up shop for the season by Memorial Day Weekend. Tentative hours will be 2:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 

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