Wanna buy Betty Danger's AND its giant Ferris wheel?

Courtney Perry, Star Tribune

Courtney Perry, Star Tribune

What's the one thing that's been missing from your COVID-19 quarantine bunker?

If you answered "a Ferris wheel," that's... extremely specific! But we've got good news for ya: Betty Danger's Country Club, that wacky little northeast Minneapolis establishment known for the aforementioned wheel and mini golf (and for serving some very strong drinks) is up for sale. 

In his announcement yesterday, Gov. Tim Walz said restaurants and bars will be able to open their dining rooms and patios come June, assuming they adhere to social distancing guidelines and operate at a limited capacity.

As Betty Danger's owner Leslie Bock essentially told the Twin Cities Business Journal: Sure, great, except their business depends on bringing big groups together and packing out the patio and bar. 

“We don't know what June 1st will bring, but we know it will not be at full capacity or even be profitable,” she said.

Back in January, Betty Danger's shut down for the winter, the first time it had done so since opening in 2014. The plan was to reopen in April, but then... well, you know. Pandemic! Bock said Betty Danger's and her other restaurant, Psycho Suzi’s, were destined to lose “millions in revenue" due to the coronavirus closure. 

Overall, she wasn't too doom-and-gloomy about the restaurant industry as a whole with regards to COVID-19, telling the Journal that though it might take two years, things will eventually return to normal. ("Normal.") She's personally "just not interested" in struggling along through those years. She's currently working to hire a broker and get the ol' country club on the market.

The tiki torches seem like they'll stay lit at Bock's other Northeast funhouse, which is currently offering a limited menu on a to-go basis.