Wake-up Call at the Freehouse: This drink of the week stacks up

Start your morning with the breakfast of champions: Jägermeister and candied bacon.
Start your morning with the breakfast of champions: Jägermeister and candied bacon.

Wake-up Call The Freehouse $9

Bloodies and Screwdrivers of the Twin Cities, prepare to step up your game. When it comes to morning libations, a new sheriff has blown into town, taken up residency at the Freehouse, and according to one server, tastes "just like a pancake in your mouth." Other brunch cocktails, this is your Wake-up Call, and until we start seeing more candied bacon skewers and inventive use of Jägermeister, you're all on notice.

Classified under "Breakfast Drinks" at this newly opened North Loop brewpub-meets-diner, the Wake-up Call doesn't employ the average ingredients you might expect to find alongside your short stack and sausage patties. Jägermeister and Crown Royal Maple, the hidden culprits of many a late-night mixed shot of regret, transform into a sweet and savory sipper with just the right amount of bite to conquer any lingering effects of your previous evening.

Mixed with a healthy pour of pulpy, fresh OJ and a dash of bitters, and garnished with a skewer of candied bacon, this cocktail will have you rethinking your morning routine. And even if you aren't one for tossing a few back while the sun is shining, the Freehouse's motto of "breakfast to beer" and breakfast-anytime offerings (take note, McDonalds!) ensures you can have your griddlecakes and eat them, too.

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