W.A. Frost Launches Arcanum, a Series of Secret Society Cocktail Parties


The Commodore will be the first of four locations to host the Arcanum Secret Society Series

Looking for a little taste of the underground? The folks behind St. Paul's W.A. Frost are launching a four-part secret society cocktail party series called Arcanum. Details are hush hush, but we've got some key intel straight from the organizers.

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The series will kick off on November 25 and take place again in February, April, and June.

The word arcanum itself implies knowledge possessed only among members of a particular group -- in the case of the Arcanum Secret Society Series, that knowledge is bestowed upon ticket holders, as information pertaining to the locations of the events will be disclosed only to them. Arcanum has selected spaces in St. Paul that have significant historical value and in many instances aren't always available to the public.

"We thought it would be really fun to create something that allows the public to get into a really fun, cool event in a location that they're not normally exposed to," says Robert Crew, director of food and beverage operations for W.A. Frost.

While the majority of the locations will be kept under wraps, we did learn from Crew that the first event will be held in St. Paul's historic Commodore Bar. The Commodore Bar is located in the old Commodore Hotel, which originally opened for business back in the 1920s and played host to such historical figures as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Al Capone. Given the history of the Commodore, the first theme for the Arcanum series will focus on the roaring '20s.


W.A. Frost's Arcanum Secret Society Series will focus on historic St. Paul locations and pure entertainment

In accordance with that theme, a sampling of classic craft cocktails will make use of some locally produced liquors, including a special Prohibition era-style white whiskey from 11 Wells. Guests will also be treated to a variety of passed canapes provided by W.A. Frost as well as live music inspired by the period.

Individual event tickets have been lowered to $110 from an original $150 price tag, while a package for three events will run $300, and admission to all four will cost $400. We've also got a special City Pages exclusive deal: Enter discount code "citypages" and you can snag an extra $10 off of the ticket price.

For more information on the event, visit the Arcanum Secret Society webpage.

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