Vote for Minneapolis in Food & Wine's search for America's favorite food city

<i>Food & Wine</i> magazine wants you to vote for America's favorite food city

Food & Wine magazine wants you to vote for America's favorite food city

Get your clicking finger ready, because Food & Wine magazine is looking to the general populace to determine America's favorite food city, and yes, Minneapolis is one of the options. (Sorry St. Paul, maybe next time.) 

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All you have to do to vote, is go to Food & Wine magazine's survey page and answer a number of questions designed to suss out which city deserves the title of America's Favorite Food City. Other cities up for consideration include New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago along with a few other, smaller cities like Charleston, Nashville, and Portland. 

The survey questions range from fairly standard, like which city has the best restaurant, chef, and bartender, to the slightly less conventional, like which city has the best looking chef, best looking bartenders, most pompous diners, and best dressed diners. While we're not exactly sure how the attractiveness of a city's chefs effects the overall quality of the food, we're still certain that Minneapolis stands a good chance to take home the gold.

This is the first time that Food & Wine magazine has reached out to the public for this type of poll, so we suggest that you, fair Hot Dish readers, let it be known that Minneapolis is the city of cities when it comes to top-notch, affordable, and straight-up sexy dining.

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