Vogue Magazine loves all over Minneapolis’ boss-women chefs

Chef-owner, James Beard-winner Ann Kim at Young Joni

Chef-owner, James Beard-winner Ann Kim at Young Joni David Joles / Star Tribune

It’s always fun when the nation remembers that we’re pretty good at what we do up here, in our little corner of the gastronomic sandbox. Or, yunno, acknowledges women’s contributions to the world… at all.

Yesterday Vogue did both at once when they published a patient triple profile of Minneapolis’ incredible boss-lady chefs entitled "Meet the Women Behind Minneapolis's Food Revolution." In her piece, author Katherine LaGrave effervesces over Ann Kim (Young Joni, Hello Pizza, and Pizzeria Lola), Jamie Malone (Grand Cafe), and Christina Nguyen (Hola Arepa and Hai Hai), each of whom exemplifies so much of what we love about our food scene.

By way of introducing our dining culture and the chefs she’s profiling, LaGrave writes:

Three of the five finalists for the 2018 James Beard Award for Best Chef: Midwest were from Minneapolis. It’s equally unsurprising that all three of them are women, that two of these chefs are children of immigrants or are immigrants themselves, and that one of them won the whole damn thing, though she herself will tell you that she was honestly shocked to hear her name called.

The glossy mag definitely didn't stop there, either.

Vogue and LaGrave dedicate ample print space to telling these chefs’ stories, meandering along their paths from varied upbringings to this moment in their respective careers. Explicitly and implicitly highlighted are issues that have become fodder for today’s political snake pits, here serving to subvert assumptions of what a traditional path for women and/or immigrants might look like. 

In its entirety, the piece presents a glowing, multi-dimensional portrait of the lauded trio, and how their hands have shaped the contemporary Cities' food landscape. It even feels… hopeful?

Read the whole thing here. Consider it today’s version of digitally eating your vegetables. (You’ll like it, we promise.)