comScore goes in search of d'bags at Seven and Cowboy Slim's


With Bellanotte closed, where will the crowds of preening men go next?'s recent search for douchebags at Seven and Cowboy Slim's may have some answers:

I feel it's my duty to go undercover to learn more about the Minneapolis douchebag, his attention-grabbing tactics and the women who trail him. I shimmy into a tube top and miniskirt, slick on the lip gloss and grab a fellow blonde to aid in my quest.

In the article, the author names several spots to be avoided becuase of their high concentration of DPSI (douchebags per square inch). Are there restaurants/bars you avoid--even though you like the food--because of the clientele they attract: too many kids, drunks, etc.?

"Places I avoid like the plague due to their high concentration of douchebags are places like Spin, or the Drink Uptown patio on Thursday nights," says Nicole Fox, girl-about-town and co-creator of the nightlife blog MPLS Glitteratti.