Vines and Steins: Coming Soon

Along with its E. Sixth Street neighbor Barrio, Bulldog St. Paul has been a big part of Lowertown's recent nightlife revival. The Pi Press reports that the Bulldog's owner, Matt Lokowich, is now making plans to add a wine and cheese shop around the corner in the O'Connor Building. Lokowich hopes to open the new shop, called Vines and Steins, in a couple of months and offer 1,000 (!) kinds of beer along with deli meats and cheeses and Bulldog sandwiches. With a few exceptions, most of the TC's best craft beer selections and gourmet meat and cheese retailers are located on the west side of the Mississippi, so I'm sure downtown St. Paul dwellers and workers will welcome the service. My favorite part of the article, though, has to be Lokowich's quote about his hiring plans:

"I can't just hire some random teenagers," says Lokowich. "This is serious business. When people are paying $80 a pound for prosciutto, they want to try the product."

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