Vincent A Restaurant crafts specialty burgers for different stages of the Tour de France

Vincent's Basque Burger

Vincent's Basque Burger

One of the Twin Cities' favorite Frenchmen is about to prove his Gallic mettle with his own take on the Tour de France. Vincent Francoual, chef and owner of downtown Minneapolis's Vincent A Restaurant, has plans to launch a line of burgers in honor of the world's biggest cycling event.

The burgers are designed to coincide with six different stages of the tour and each specialty burger will only be available during its respective stage. The tour starts pedaling on July 5 and runs through July 26. 

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The burgers pay homage to the various areas the tour will pass through: Leeds, Haerrogate, York, Sheffield, Cambridge, Ypres, Oyonnax, Risoul, and Maubourguet Pays du Val d'Adour. 

For the first three stages of the tour, which begin in the Yorkshire region of England, the restaurant will feature a burger topped with Wensleydale cheese, battered Yorkshire pudding, and spiced rhubarb relish. Stages four through seven take place in Northern France and will feature cauliflower fritters, beer-cheese sauce, and Belgian endive jam. 

Other stages will feature toppings like Riesling braised onions, Muenster cheese, and bacon creme fraiche; Montpellier butter, grilled eggplant Nimoise, and Pelardon cheese; and a Malbec ragout with duck and mushroom, Cantal cheese, and tomato crisps.

For those of you worried you might miss a portion of the tour, fret not. Vincent's will have several big-screen televisions dedicated strictly to Tour de France coverage, allowing diners the exclusive privilege of watching the most famous bike race in one of the Twin Cities' finest restaurants.

Of course, Vincent's original braised short rib stuffed burger will also be available. This local legend has pulled in multiple "best burger" awards, including City Pages' "Best Gourmet" burger in both 2005 and 2007, which leaves us extra excited to check out the six newcomers. The Tour de France burgers will be served for lunch and dinner for $14.50 each, and they'll also be available during happy hour when they'll only set you back $8.

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