Vincent - A classy happy hour of the week


Vincent - A Restaurant
1100 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

Hours and Details:
Monday-Friday, 4:30-6 p.m.
Monday-Thursday, 8:30-9:30 p.m.
Only in the lounge; no reservations taken
$5 Signature martinis - cosmo and lemon drop
$5 Bubble "Petillant" Cocktails (sparklers)
$4 Wines by the glass
$3 Beers
$3 Fries, desserts
$4 Frenchy dog, Mixed olives, poutine
$7 Flatbread - arugula or Nueske bacon
$8 Vincent burger

The Hot Dish got all grown up and headed over to Vincent to sit at the bar. We know the hamburger is to die for, but is its happy hour in the same class?

Slipping into Vincent's midweek feels like treating yourself to something special. The lounge has a small, comfortable bar and high tops that allow for a view of the passersby on Nicollet Mall. The cream tones of the decor soothe after a hectic day, as does the selection of cocktails, wine and beer. And that burger -- it's ground beef, braised short ribs and gouda cheese are addictive. When we visited, it was fairly quiet, but the patrons who were there knew their cocktails well. (And, there was no shortage of fine jewelry on display).

The $8 burger (normally $14), great $4 wine selection and $5 bubbly cocktails (love the French 75) make this happy hour a good one. Plus the beers offered -- Newcastle, Guinness, Kronenbourg, Stella Artois, Bell's Seasonal and Leffe Blond -- are all bargains at $3. For the food inclined, the options are limited, but delicious. From a $3 chocolate pot de creme or creme caramel to $7 flatbreads that easily serve two and $4 poutine in a green peppercorn sauce -- everybody can find something to nosh on. While we love the prime timing of the second happy hour of the night (8:30-9:30 p.m.), our only complaint is that it ends after just a short sixty minutes. Once we settled in, we didn't want the upscale bargains to end.

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