[VIDEO]: The captivating making of a Pork and Pickle Pop-Up


Pop-up. The term gets bandied about in the food world about as much as the word “restaurant” these days.

“We're having a good time. We want everybody else to be having a good time. I mean, who wants to sit in a quiet dining room anymore? Those days are over,” says Geoff Hausmann, chef and founder of Pork & Pickle, a meat and charcuterie pop-up that's been, well, popping up for over a year.

He's talking about the vibe of his regular events, where he cooks and serves excited patrons out of someone else's kitchen. He's a culinary vagabond.

Though a pop-up is a one-night-only presentation of a meal or style of cuisine, a great amount of effort goes into the making of one. It's especially challenging that pop-up chefs are often using unfamiliar kitchens or spaces.

For the diner, a pop-up represents a one-time-only experience, something that will probably never be replicated exactly the same way. That's an appealing facet for high-energy chefs, too.

While lots of pop-up chefs aim to get their own traditional restaurant someday, pop-ups are an advantageous way for passionate cooks to defy old customs. Don't have enough cash for a full startup?Pop-ups to the rescue.

Check out this entertaining film documenting 24 hours of prep and service that went into a recent Pork & Pickle pop-up below.

And for information on attending the next one yourself, check out their Facebook page.