Vera's closing today

Vera's closing today

Today's your last chance to get to Vera's, Lyndale's favorite LGBT hangout.

Here's what Vera's owner had to say on their website:

It is with great sadness that i anounce today, that Wed. Feb 11, will be the last business day for Veras Café.

Economic hardship brought on by the city of Minneapolis's ill attempt at road construction during the entire year of 2007 did unspeakable financial damage to veras, along with a very weak economy have forced me to close the doors.

I want to thank my loyal patrons for over nine wonderful years.

City Pages dubbed it "the premier grown-up coffee shop in south Minneapolis" and offered the following praises:

It's an ace in the hole for anyone looking for after-theater coffee or an inexpensive late nosh (homemade soups, generous sandwiches, six kinds of scrambled eggs). During the summer months, the oh-so-civilized gated patio is an oasis.

Between the demise of Machu Picchu, and jP, and now Vera's, (and the as-yet-unopened-as-far-as-I-can-tell Aronas) it looks like the city's ceaseless road construction managed to put a serious dent in the Lynn-Lake dining scene.

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