Vellee Deli pop-up is open for business

Anxious fans await the opening of Vellee Deli

Anxious fans await the opening of Vellee Deli

On their first night of business the winter wind blew fiercely. Snow and wind assaulted commuters and the roads were slick. However, that didn't stop the ardent fans seeking banh mi satisfaction. Vellee Deli, the slick black food truck with the fusion cuisine had moved its operation inside Crema Cafe for a pop-up, and hungry diners were at the ready. We spoke with owners Joyce Truong and Will Xiong about their cozy winter home.

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The Crema Cafe space was packed with happy customers. As Xiong told us, "We could not have asked for more. It was a packed house and bustling crowd."

The menu is modestly sized, with all the fan favorites from the truck: egg rolls, tacos, flavor-packed curry burritos. Nothing is priced above $10 and with the beer and wine selection, this might be the top budget-friendly date night in the neighborhood.

Despite the chilly temperatures Xiong said, "For a brief moment, it felt like summer again as people were enjoying food, chatting over drinks, and indulging in [Sonny's] ice cream.  We can't wait to see where this goes as the season begins to get warmer!"

Vellee Deli will be open in Crema Cafe every Thursday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. until food truck season returns.

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