Vellee Deli coming to Dinkytown

Most food truck action has been relegated to the downtown areas, but the University of Minnesota has started sending out invites to selected vendors who they feel will serve the East Bank area well.

Beginning in June, one of those vendors will be Vellee Deli, the popular Asian-Mexican fusion truck run by owner William Xiong. Where else can you find them this summer?

You might have already seen them last weekend at SoundSet, but Vellee will also be slinging its signature egg rolls, BBQ bahn mi sandwiches, and Dragon Melt quesadillas at Stone Arch Bridge Festival on June 15, 16, and 17.

The Stone Arch Festival will be hosted this year by St. Anthony Main, due to the passing of Ira Hellicher, the founder and longtime manager of the the festival.

For details on where to find Vellee Deli on the East Bank, Stone Arch, or any other day of the week, follow it on Twitter, or find all the details on the City Pages Food Truck Map.

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