Vegemite iSnack 2.0: What's worse, the product or the name?!

Vegemite, which is made from brewers' yeast extract, leftover from beer-making, btw, is probably one of those things, like Brussels sprouts, that should be reevaluated as an adult--you might surprise yourself by liking it the second time around. Aussies love the stuff--they probably eat it on crocodile--and even though it's made by Kraft, Vegemite can be hard to find in the US. (When it is sold here, it's often not bearing the Kraft seal, I'm assuming because marketers worry that the pungent paste and its oddball reputation would harm the Kraft brand in American markets.)

This summer, Kraft released a new spread combining Vegemite and Kraft cream cheese, along with a contest to name it. The chosen name--iSnack 2.0--seriously!--was widely mocked by Vegemite-loving consumers who even started Facebook sites to protest. Kraft decided to eat its words on iSnack, put the name to a new vote, and chose the barely-better Cheesybite. (Those jars will appear on store shelves in a few months after Kraft sells the 500,000-some jars printed with the iSnack 2.0 name.)

It's hard to say whether Kraft marketing execs honestly goofed or if the whole thing was a new-Coke-style publicity stunt. In any case, see how you think iSnack 2.0/Cheesybite stack up against the 20 Worst Names for Junk Food.