Vegans in lettuce bikinis to hand out free cocoa on Nicollet Mall today

Hot vegan cocoa a go go

Hot vegan cocoa a go go

If you've ever looked into the depths of a steaming cup of liquid chocolate and thought, "Could I get this with a side salad?" have we got the event for you. Today, PETA representatives will take to Nicollet Mall wearing salad -- and not much else -- while handing out cups of hot cocoa.

At noon today at the intersection of Nicollet Mall and Ninth Street, women who have been dubbed PETA's "Sexy Lettuce Ladies" will be handing out cups of steaming hot vegan cocoa to passersby. They're called "Lettuce Ladies," as they will be wearing nothing but "strategically placed lettuce leaves," which will no doubt freeze in moments because it's ridiculously cold out there.

In addition to the cocoa, they will have on hand PETA's vegan starter kits to help promote the lifestyle. Their press release points out that those who subscribe to a meat-free diet are generally leaner and this could help people shed their holiday weight, though right now we feel like clinging to our blubber like a blanket of salvation until the spring thaw arrives.

Lettuce bikini volunteer and veggie enthusiast Lindsay Rajt assured us that they are prepared for the weather. "It was actually my idea to organize this demonstration to encourage people to go vegan. No one is forcing me to be out there." She said precautions they're taking include hand warmers and sensible boots. She went on to explain that she wished exposing deplorable conditions in factory farms were enough to get people to consider a vegan lifestyle, but "we have to work a little bit harder to get their attention." 

"I've stood as the snow came down while wearing just a bikini, and while it may sound cold, we've endured even colder temperatures and always survived," said Rajt. "At the end of the event, we'll be healthy and looking forward to the next one."

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