Vegan restaurant J. Selby's 'underestimated demand,' closes to prepare for 'large crowds'

J. Selby's says it wasn't prepared for demand, and won't reopen until it is.

J. Selby's says it wasn't prepared for demand, and won't reopen until it is. J. Selby's Facebook page

The newest addition to plant-based eating in the Twin Cities shut its doors just days after opening.

Vegans and vegetarians should rest assured, though. According to management at J. Selby's, the reason for their "temporary" closure is the best one possible: They were doing too much business, and need to prepare for higher volume than anticipated. 

J. Selby's closed after lunch service this past Friday, and was not open for business all of this week. In a Facebook post explaining the move, the restaurant said its  "opening week has left us at a place where we are unable to provide you all, our customers, with the service, the food, and the experience you deserve."

City Pages' recent write-up on J. Selby's noted its experimentation with "lively dishes that don’t often appear on the vegan’s plate: Philly “cheeze,” nachos, even buffalo wings."

Those dishes must've worked during its first week, as J. Selby cited "large crowds we expect in the future," and said it was hiring additional "kitchen staff, line cooks, front of house, and dishwashers."

Last Friday, J. Selby's said it was preparing for what would've been its second week in business. In fact, the restaurant hasn't reopened yet, though it did stage a three-hour "free plant based burger grill out" in a parking lot across the street. (A Facebook event explained they had accidentally purchased vegan burger patties that were not kosher certified, and therefore wouldn't be served in the restaurant itself.)

J. Selby's continues to update its thousands of Facebook followers on a near-daily basis, writing on Tuesday that it had "underestimated the demand," and was "hiring additional staff to better accommodate those who come to eat with us."

The most recent announcement (Wednesday evening) said, "We will be open again soon but have no date just yet!"

Stay tuned for updates on when their doors are open again. In the meantime, anyone looking for a meatless restaurant industry job can email [email protected] and check if they're still hiring.