Vegan cafe/bar Reverie will be reborn as a food truck, can we get a hell yeah?

Vegan again.

Vegan again. Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

Yes, we do talk a lot about the Twin Cities’ blossoming vegan scene, but you plant-based eaters have suffered some blows, too—take, for example, last year's loss of Reverie Cafe and Bar.

The delightful little vegan eatery and community space, with live music that quickly turned it into a real neighborhood hub as much as the local taps and laid-back, coffeehouse-with-beer vibe did, shuttered over the summer after a little less than two years on the corner of Franklin and Nicollet in south Minneapolis. And that was a drag, both for the people who loved the cafe and for co-owners Kirstin Wiegmann and Jeff Therkelsen.

“It was a bummer,” Wiegmann says. “We were really heartbroken. We’ve definitely been licking our wounds for a few months.”

But Wiegmann is calling us from Portland, and she's calling with great news: She's visiting Oregon because that's where the new Reverie food truck (!) is being built. They've been looking to get their restaurant up and running at a new address since it shuttered, and after some almosts and maybes, have decided to debut a roving eatery instead. 

She and Therkelsen are actually stoked to have a truck, which will afford them not just greater mobility, but—somewhat counterintuitively—more to work with in the kitchen. The duo actually didn't have a full kitchen setup at Reverie; they made it work with ovens and induction burners and a good amount of ingenuity. (“We got really creative in a really limited space.”) But it was time consuming and sometimes arduous, and it meant they couldn't explore some of the things they wanted to.

The on-the-road Reverie will have fryers, for example, so expect things like fried cauliflower along with new tacos, bowls, and sandwiches. There will probably be Banh mi, along with barbecue mushroom tacos, and you can wash it all down with kombucha and cold press coffee. (Don't worry: Wiegmann adds that a few Reverie favorites will likely reappear.)

As for the when? Soon! On April 21, they'll be at Stillwater's Lift Bridge Brewing for a Soul Space Farm Sanctuary Benefit, and they've locked in weekly visits to Dangerous Man in May, where you'll find them every Thursday.

And hitting the road doesn’t mean they’re hitting the brakes, search-for-a-space-wise—just easing up on the gas a little. Wiegmann’s still super open to the idea of having another permanent home, especially since a food truck doesn’t exactly lend itself to hosting live music. “I think it ended up being a really important space for a lot of people,” she says of Reverie's original incarnation. So if a new, stationary home presents itself, they're willing to go for it. 

Only, maybe not right this second.

“It’s probably not going to happen this summer,” Wiegmann says. “We’re ambitious, but probably not that ambitious.”

In other plant-based portable food news you may have missed, the Herbivorious Butcher will also hit streets with a vegan food truck this summer.