Valentine's treats for chocaholics of every kind

A classic romantic rookie mistake: Assuming that all chocolate is created equal in the eyes of your cocoa-obsessed valentine. Before you run out and buy a bag of pink and red foil-wrapped Hershey's kisses, think about your lover's personality and your intentions for the night.

Whether you're popping the question to a true romantic or looking forward to a night of sweet love, we've got the perfect chocolate gift idea.

For Romantics

These B.T. McElrath printed "Love Note" truffles beg for hugs and kisses but also ask a bold question: "Will You?" If you plan to propose to a romantic comedy movie buff, this $10.95 sleeve of five dark chocolate ganache truffles is exactly what you need. If you're not planning to get on bended knee, these will only lead to trouble.

For Grown-Ups

Valentine's debauchery? Blame it on the alcohol!
Valentine's debauchery? Blame it on the alcohol!
Kohler Chocolates

Wisconsin-based Kohler Chocolates makes it easy to find the perfect drink to go with your treat. The company's raspberry garden ganaches are infused with Black Raspberry Chambord liqueur. Don't want to venture into Packers' territory so close to the Super Bowl for a $17.50 six-pack? Don't worry, Kohler delivers.

For Kids at Heart

Peanut butter cups got too big for their britches.
Peanut butter cups got too big for their britches.
Abdallah Chocolates
If your Valentine never quite grew up, they'll love Abdallah's jumbo peanut butter cups. When we say jumbo, we mean it. These four-ounce cups dwarf Reese's, which weigh in at a measly .75 ounces. That's right, those cups you're so crazy about aren't even a full ounce of chocolate and peanut butter. Give your Reese's-loving lover these Burnsville-made cups, sit back, and wait for the shower of kisses to come. Spark up nostalgia with a $4.25 cup.

For Hedonists

Legacy Chocolate encourages you to lose your inhibitions and indulge in its Love Potion #9 chocolate sauce. Sauk Centre, Minnesota's Pride of Main Street Dairy provides the Wisconsin chocolatier with decadent 40 percent butterfat cream to create this luscious treat. Legacy describes the sauce as "an exquisite, creamy, pudding-like dessert" that you can pour anywhere. And they mean anywhere. Grab an eight-ounce bottle for $5.25.

For Traditionalists

If Valentine's Day is synonymous with heart-shaped boxes and foil-wrapped chocolate lips, then Beerntsen's Confectionary is your go-to company. It's not really a holiday until you've played Guess the Flavor with a box of randomly assorted chocolates. Enjoy one pound of classically packed confections for $22.63.

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