Utne talks street food, chocolate and more


The new issue of the locally-produced Utne Reader -- billed as the mag's "1st Annual International Issue" -- features, among other worthwhile pieces, several articles about food. One, excerpted from the cool online travel pub World Hum, takes us on a mini journey of street food, giving us just enough detail about fresh Italian octopus, four buck lobster from Zanzibar and Mexican tacos al pastor to whet our appetites for more more more. Another details the unique entrepreneurship of an Italian expat who makes his own chocolate on an island off the west coast of Africa. The issue also republishes a terrific article about Indian mangoes (the country has a mindblowing 4,000 types of the delectable fruit), originally in the great magazine Gastronomica. And perhaps my favorite piece: a shorty about peanut haggling in Senegal, "My Senegalese Cousin, the Rice-Loving Pig." It is precious.