U.S. considering ban or limit to peanuts on a plane


Peanut allergen nuts rejoice! The folks on Capitol Hill might have heard your nonstop rally cries and done something about it. Peanuts on a plane could be a thing of the past if a current proposal makes it past the Department of Transportation.

In February 2009, loyal Northwest passengers flipped out when the airline ended its ban on peanuts as one of their flight snack choices. The change happened during the merger, when Delta started controlling the airline's food options.

About 1.8 million Americans suffer from peanut allergies. Many of them refuse to fly on airlines that allow peanuts because of the risk of an attack from breathing the peanut dust as people scarf the 10 peanuts offered in those pathetic snack pouches.

Now the DOT has included consideration of peanut restrictions or a total ban as part of its latest Airline Passenger Rights proposal.

Here are some of the proposals suggested:

  • Ban peanut snack on all planes
  • Ban peanuts when an allergic passenger asks for it
  • Require a peanut-free zone for allergic passengers
Several airlines have already voluntarily banned peanuts in flight: Continental, United, US Airways, and JetBlue.

Have an opinion on the peanut ban? DOT claims they really care what you have to say. Give your two cents here.