Urban Eatery's Asian pork sliders: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 37

Take that, White Castle!
Take that, White Castle!

To think that we once satisfied our late-night snacking urges with the mushy blandness of the White Castle slyder, a meal that's perfectly content to be seasoned with nothing more than steamed onions.

Sure, there's comfort to be found in the squishy buns and flat meat pats, but the Asian pork slider at Urban Eatery shows how far fast food has come in the past 90 years.

Urban Eatery's Asian pork sliders: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 37

David Chang, New York City's wunderkind chef, popularized the pork belly bun at his white-hot Momofuku a few years back as a contemporary take on the longtime Chinatown treat. But ever since Subo shuttered, they've been hard to find in the Twin Cities, until the recent arrival of Urban Eatery.

The sweet, chewy buns are folded like a lumpy futon to create a nest for spicy pork burgers. The secret to the buns is the contrasting cool crunch provided by three types of razor-thin pickles, and a swipe of sriracha mayonnaise. And Manhattan's version doesn't come with nearly the view.

Urban Eatery 2730 W. Lake St., Minneapolis 612.920.5000 Urban Eatery website

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