Urban Eatery to replace the View at Calhoun Beach Club

Revamp in the works...

Revamp in the works...

The View at the Calhoun Beach Club has been closed for a remodel, rename, and re-concept. When the owners, Kaskaid Hospitality, reopen the place, it will be called Urban Eatery, as trumpeted on the banner now hanging on the building. Paper covers the site's windows, and workmen are making a constructive racket. The bottom line is that the brothers who brought you all those Craves are giving the place a complete overhaul.

Are you wondering what Urban Eatery will be like?


The new restaurant will be less lounge and more gastropub, according to a press release and a recent Star Tribune article about the Talebi brothers' big plans for the new year. (They're the restaurateurs behind Crave and the new Sopranos Italian Kitchen with J. P. Samuelson.) Some sample menu items include: Scotch eggs, fish and chips, roasted beet and fennel salad, spare ribs, and grilled chicken bahn mi.

Urban Eatery is slated to open February 11. It will be both a bar and restaurant and seat about 100 people. Prices will remain middle-of-the-road. Until then, Calhoun Beach Clubbers will have to leave their luxe complex to forage for a restaurant meal.