Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang

After a month or so of anticipation, our chicks finally arrived! They are the cutest little buggers you've ever seen, and I'm soaking it up because they won't be this cute for long. I have much more information about the joys of chick rearing at Fork, Knife and Spoon, but I had to share the newest members of our family.

Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang


Because of the excitement of the chicks, I didn't have a lot of culinary adventures this week. We were planning on heading to the Haute Dish last night, until I saw (via Twitter) that alongside JP Samuelson, Tim McKee was going to be cooking behind the Solera tapas bar, as was Geri Wolf from Style Laboratory. I'll get to Haute Dish one of these days, but Solera won our patronage all with a simple Tweet

Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang


The food at Solera was right on par. We (of course) decided to participate in the Chef's Tapas menu, which for $35 a person is a total steal.

This starter of veal terrine with house-pickled ramps and mustard seed really whet the appetite. This wasn't terribly challenging, having eaten sushi for lunch eight hours earlier (I was just a tad hungry), but the combination of the savory terrine with the slightly sweet acidic pickled ramps helped my belly prepare for what was yet to come.

Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang

I have a shellfish allergy, which interferes with a lot of the handiwork at Solera (and lots of other fantastic restaurants), but they were very accommodating to my handicap. Instead of shrimp, we received a pan-fried monkfish (also known as the poor man's lobster, and hey, I'll take what I can get) with crispy jamón with white asparagus. Who needs shellfish when fish with fins taste this good?

Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang

This was one of my favorites from the evening. Baccalà (salted cod) served with a slowly cooked poached egg, olive tapenade, and crispy bread was a fantastic combination of salty creaminess. Thanks to Tim and the gang for making our spur of the moment date night one to remember!

Urban chicks & Solera with the Gang
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