Urban Bean coffee shop tells Trump supporters: 'Do not spend money in our stores'

And don't like their Facebook page either!

And don't like their Facebook page either!

It's not often that a small, locally owned business can afford to turn away business. But if it means shunning Donald Trump and his fans, Urban Bean coffeeshop will forgo the cash.

On Sunday, with the country still reeling from the aftershock of its largest mass shooting in American history, Urban Bean posted on Facebook that supporters of Trump were no longer welcome to "like" or "follow" the shop's page. In fact, they were no longer welcome to spend money at either of its south Minneapolis locations.

Alongside the proclamation was a link to a New Yorker article, which accuses presidential hopeful Trump of exploiting the horrific mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub for a bit of horn-tooting. While the rest of us mourned, Trump took a somber moment to reflect on his own national security acumen. “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism," he tweeted.

This was his instant reaction to a national tragedy in which 49 people were killed and 53 were wounded and communities — both Orlando's, and the LGBTQ — were shaken to their core. People of all political stripes denounced Trump's callous opportunism.

The owner of Urban Bean went a step further, to denounce the people behind him, the millions propping up the man who looked at tragedy and couldn't think of anything to say but a variation of, "I told you so."

"I don't know that it's even that controversial," says owner Greg Martin. "We just don't feel like there's room for that kind of BS in our store."


Nor is Martin's anti-Trump stance the marketing nightmare that some Facebook commenters would have you believe.

"We're an independent coffee shop. A very high percentage of the people who come in on a regular basis are going to support what we said."