Uptown's Country Bar to Rise Again


Like the holdout punk house that refuses to gentrify along with the neighborhood, the Country Bar was always that reliable dive with the cheap, strong pours, the greasy chicken wings (and greasy atmosphere), and the great jukebox. It's been shuttered for more than a year, without much in the way of an alternative for hard-drinkin' good times in the area.

Good news, hearty imbibers, we shall meet again under the brown and orange awnings, as early as this summer.

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And the news is doubly good, because the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal is reporting that the owners of the Nomad World Pub are going to be taking over the space, and they are experts at what they do.

What do they do? They know how to run a good dive bar, by infusing it with character and culture and interest, all without eliminating the inherent grit and backbone that makes it a dive. For instance, at the Nomad, they've got a toast bar, but you can still buy a "prix fixe" -- a tall boy, a shot of whiskey, and a cig for about half the cost of a "mixology" cocktail.

The Country Bar will retain its countrified vibe and famous wings, but it will undergo a massive interior renovation, as the building was in rough shape. The project is already underway.

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