Uptown Arby's has closed, tragically

It's the end for Lake Street's shimmering beef beacon

It's the end for Lake Street's shimmering beef beacon Twitter: @WedgeLIVE

There I was, blowing off my Sunday meal prep routine to engage with what I assumed would be fun, low-stakes Grammys Twitter reading, when I scrolled past some awful news.

Sunday was the last-ever night for Arby's Uptown Minneapolis location, Twitter told me. A call to Arby's confirmed that the closure was happening, and is permanent. You woke up this morning to an Uptown without an Arby's Island. It's gone. Finished. They've served their final crispy onion-topped brisket, and shut the fryers off for the last time.

"We're all pretty bummed out about it," said an employee, adding that the staff only just heard the news last week. ("It was definitely short notice.") Most members of the team will move to different Arby's in the area. 

No official word yet as to what's taking its place, though given Uptown's ongoing transformation, the safe answer is probably swanky apartments or something. Maybe we'll get another sex hotel like the one that just opened up across the street!

The real question on everyone's mind, of course, is this: What will become of the sign? Of the massive, glowing beef beacon on Lake that's no longer a North Star guiding Uptown's drunk and and hungry? Our friend at Arby's had some bleak news: "All I know is, I think it's being torn down, which kind of sucks."

Which brings us to the following...

That'd be the former mayor asking about a Historic Preservation Commission designation for the Arby's sign. If no one has yet, I'm sure they will -- and it seems pretty likely that Hodges has a few connections who could help out there.

In any case, Arby's Uptown may be gone, but its memory lives on forever in our hearts and in this touching, six-minute closing night livestream from Wedge Live!

Good stuff. 

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