Upton 43 makes the New York Times, gets called 'medieval'

Does this look medieval to you?

Does this look medieval to you? E. Katie Holmes

The New York Times went medieval on Upton 43's ass.

Which is to say, they trotted out a term we don't often hear in the heyday of clean, modern cuisine. And they really liked it. 

We know that Upton 43 is one of our most ambitious local restaurants, ambitious enough that the New York Times is taking note. But for New Yorkers, it seems, Upton 43 isn’t molecular, it’s "medieval," using old-fashioned techniques like “fermenting and roasting.”

The Times waxed poetic about the herring, "as bright and clean as the North Atlantic," and called the pear and honey switchel "deeply refreshing."

Read the entire article here, where they say the place isn’t really modern (we beg to differ). But they're definitely right about Erik Harcey’s “self-effacing nature.” He’s a good Minnesotan that way, just like his countrymen who “munch on breaded walleye while talking about hockey.”

Upton 43
4312 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis