Updated: Bradstreet Craftshouse set to close as the Graves 601 Hotel changes hands


The venerable Bradstreet Craftshouse raised up several of the Twin Cities' favorite mixologists and taught them the pre-Prohibition cocktail basics. Now, only a month after their five-year anniversary party, the hotel is being sold and Bradstreet will change concepts when the property changes hands.

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New owners Loews management have not yet announced what kind of bar they plan to open at the hotel. Staff were informed about the sale on Thursday, May 29 and told they would be offered a spot at the new concept. 

Bar manager Jennifer Boutell said it was a surprise for everyone, as the hotel was not on the market. At the moment, she's not making any hasty decisions about her future -- so she could stay put, go to one of the other Graves investments, or even get scooped up by another bar.

In the meantime, all serious cocktailers should pay Jennifer and her colleagues a visit before time runs out. Belly up and order something classic.

Correction: An earlier version of this post reported that all restaurants and bars in the Graves 601 Hotel would close and re-open as new concepts. Currently only Bradstreet Craftshouse will undergo this change, and will be moving to the former Rye Deli space in Lowry Hill.

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