UPDATE: Bradstreet Craftshouse will move into former Rye Deli space

For those of you whose hearts stopped beating earlier this week when it was announced that craft cocktail pioneer Bradstreet Craftshouse was closing up shop with the sale of the Graves Hotel, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We learned late yesterday afternoon that while they'll indeed be closing their doors at the Graves, they'll be reopening them in the location that was, until very recently, occupied by Rye Deli.

Bradstreet will close at the Graves by the end of the month and will reopen in Lowry Hill sometime in August. Here's what you can expect from the new incarnation of Bradstreet Craftshouse.

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The new Bradstreet will feature longer hours, opening at 3:30 p.m. and staying open late enough to also capture the late-night crowd. A bigger kitchen space will allow for a range of new opportunities. Instead of just offering small-plate items, as at the downtown location, the new Bradstreet will include a full range of entrees, a late-night menu, and weekend brunches. 

Graves also happily pointed out that this new location will have windows and its own bathroom, things the downtown location didn't have. For those familiar with the downtown location, that means no more having to take an elevator up to the fourth floor to let your cocktails back out into the wild.

As far as the cocktails go, they'll still offer a large variety of the concoctions we've grown to know and love, including the black walnut Old Fashioned, but they'll be expanding their bar program in a way most people might not expect. 

"The cocktail scene has gotten a little bit snotty and elitist and we're going to get rid of that elitism in our concept," says Graves. "A lot of bars have gone anti-vodka, or anti-this or that. If someone wants to order a Cosmo, we'll make you the best dang Cosmo you've ever had."

That's a pretty shocking shift coming from one of the bars that helped to usher in the era of eye-dropper drinks in the Twin Cities.

Graves was already looking into the Rye Deli space even before the sale of the Graves Hotel, although initially they weren't specifically planning on moving the Bradstreet concept there. Upon learning of Rye's closing, Graves contacted the building's owner about taking over the spot. He says the company had been looking to expand into the Uptown area for quite awhile and the closing of Rye provided them with the opportunity they had been looking for.

"Burch is very successful over there, the Lowry is very successful over there, and La Belle Vie does pretty well too," he says. "There's a little bit of a dining scene going on that's anchoring that end of Hennepin and that end tends to be a bit more sophisticated, which really fits right in with the Bradstreet concept."

The plan is to bring over most of the core team to head up the new location, although at this time details on staffing aren't being made known.

In other Graves-related news, the company will also be launching a new concept called Rival House in St. Paul, specializing in craft beers, small plates, and wood-oven fired pizzas. Look for this new location to open sometime around July 1.

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