University Avenue's best Asian restaurants

Restaurants worth fighting LRT construction.

Restaurants worth fighting LRT construction.

This week's Dish review dubbed On's Thai Kitchen on University at Snelling in St. Paul as a restaurant worth enduring the hassle of LRT construction (Work is now being done between Emerald and Hamline, with the 'dozers moving on to the rest of University through the summer.)

As businesses struggle with reduced traffic, here are five more favorite Asian restaurants worthy of your support.


5. Bangkok Thai (315 University Ave.)
One of the most authentic Thai spots in town, Bangkok offers true Thai eating, tucked into the back of a Asian grocery store. Just be forewarned: The curries pack some real fire!

4. Mai Village (394 University Ave.)
Mai Village takes its splendor seriously: Diners cross over a wooden bridge, past a waterfall, and over a koi pond to get to their tables. The space is luxurious in its hand-carving and silk embroidery and bamboo stalks. They have all the requisite spring rolls and such, plus a full liquor license, but to match the extravagance of the space, be sure to order Seven Courses of Beef.

3. Little Szechuan (422 University) Sure Szechuan's all the rage these days, but Little Szechuan was among the originals, proving why dan dan might just be the best way to eat noodles since flour met water. If you can handle the punch of chili and Szechuan peppercorns, try the painful-but-good kung-pau chicken or the ma po tofu.

2. Trung Nam (739 University Ave.)
Despite its former fast food digs and daunting chain link fence, this French/Vietnamese bakery is one of the strip's best day starters with its bargain-priced croissants and Vietnamese coffee. In the old days, Trung Nam used to close in the early afternoon, but the shop now serves pho in addition to its original banh mi, and stays open till midnight six days a week (closed Sundays).

1. Ngon Bistro (799 University Ave.) Among the prettiest of all Frogtown's restaurants, airy, mod Ngon offers American bistro fare plus Vietnamese classics like pho and broken rice plates. Plus, there's a locavore happy hour to enjoy their regionally focused craft beer list. And we can hardly wait for the forthcoming Ngon VW bus food truck!

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