UberEATS food delivery launches in Minneapolis today

Jerk chicken by Pimento Jamaican Kitchen. Get it delivered by UberEATS.

Jerk chicken by Pimento Jamaican Kitchen. Get it delivered by UberEATS. Tony Nelson

Minneapolis is finally getting a chance to take Uber's food delivery app for a spin.

Starting today, Minneapolis users (sorry, St. Paulites) can download the standalone UberEATS app, link it with the Uber ride-hailing app, and start ordering food delivery from over 80 local restaurants.

UberEATS users will have access to full menus from kitchens across the Twin Cities, from Nighthawks in south Minneapolis to Cafe Racer in Seward to Taco Libre in West St. Paul.

So in a world swirling with food delivery services -- Amazon Prime Now, Seamless, Postmates -- how does UberEATS differ?

Not much. Uber is banking on its user-friendly apps, streamlined payment method, and ubiquitous fleet of drivers to set it apart, but it's a fairly standard delivery model.

You'll pay a flat $4.99 fee for every UberEATS delivery. In some of the other 50-plus cities with UberEATS, the app briefly offered a curated menu of items for "Instant Delivery" with a $2.99 delivery fee. The app has since discontinued that service.

As with the surge pricing on its ride-hailing app, UberEATS may tack on a fee for deliveries from "busy areas," meaning if everybody's got a hankering for sambusas from Somtaste, you're going to cough up a little extra to get yours. The "busy area" fee will last as long as demand is high in that 'hood.

On its website, UberEATS also offers this vague caveat: "Prices and offers on and in the UberEATS app may differ from prices and offers in the restaurant." The app's prices appear to be in line with restaurant prices for the most part, but it's worth noting if you're particularly concerned about not getting screwed by hidden charges.

As for tipping, UberEATS says tips aren't included and "they aren't expected or required." 

First-time users can get $5 off their order by downloading the app and clicking on the hamburger icon to generate a discount code.