Two new local brands land on Sun Country's drink list

Elizabeth Flores

Elizabeth Flores

The last time we reported on Sun Country's airborne beverage options, it was because the company had "streamlined" Surly Furious straight off of flights

Later, following outrcy from furious flyers, the 'Sota-based airline issued a little mea culpa and reintroduced those bright-red bombers. Which was good news for travelers whose in-flight beer options, during the interim, were limited to Bud and Mich Golden Light. 

And you're about to have two additional local drinking options onboard. Starting March 1 -- hey, that's today! -- Fulton's Lonely Blonde ale and Prairie Organic Spirits gin and vodka will be available in the skies. Fulton's the newest add-on to existing beer options (so, yes, you'll still be able to order Surly), while Prairie gin and vodka are replacing the existing booze brands.

“We’re over the moon (or at least above the clouds) about becoming part of Sun Country’s in-flight beer selection,” Fulton Director of Marketing Tucker Gerrick said in a statement.


Prairie CEO Mike Duggen added that, thanks to his local brand, “fliers can enjoy their favorite cocktail that also helps support Minnesota family farms, sustainability, and organic farming practices.”

In that case, might as well order a G&T on your next flight. Order three! Flying sober is terrible anyway.