Twitter breaks into the wine biz


Whuh? Twitter started allowing pre-orders of its new wine last week. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to be exact. And 25 percent of the purchase price of each $20 bottle goes to charity. Not bad! The California-based company has teamed up with a DIY winery and a childrens' literacy non-profit to make and sell what it has dubbed "Fledgling Wine."

The Pinot is described as "from some of the top Pinot vineyards on the West Coast including Amber Ridge, La Encantada, and Doctor's," and the Chard as "a perfectly balanced interpretation of Chardonnay. A version that will be a crowd pleaser--fresh and lively, yet also possess enough flesh to accompany more contemplative settings."

Don't get too excited though. The wine won't actually be bottled until August 2010. You can follow Fledgling's progress (of course) on Twitter via @fledgling.