Twisted Fork Grille food truck: A first look

A new truck from an established restaurant
A new truck from an established restaurant

Last year, the big trend was food trucks finding permanent brick and mortar homes. This year, the trend seems to be established restaurants rolling out their own food trucks. Today, we sampled a bite of the new Twisted Fork Grille from the restaurant of the same name on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

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The truck's menu features some of the same items that you can find on their lunch menu at the restaurant. Caramelized Brussels sprouts are topped with bacon. The Minnesota fish favorite, walleye is made into little fried cakes. The menu does change and they plan to try out some new items, unique to the truck.

A serious sandwich
A serious sandwich

We sampled the pastrami sandwich ($7) and attempted to order the brussel sprouts ($4). The friendly server at the window was furiously typing into two different iPhones. Somehow our side dish order didn't make it through.

The disappointment over the sprouts evaporated under the heft of the pastrami sandwich. (Besides, just how disappointed can you get over brussel sprouts?) 

You aren't going to be hungry again for a long time
You aren't going to be hungry again for a long time

Fat, long slices of spice encrusted pastrami are layered onto a pretzel bun along with arugula, layering on the black pepper flavor with a swipe of aioli, a layer of gooey cheese and topped with some cumin spiced, thin, fried onion. It's an epic sandwich that requires a good jaw workout to get through. The only thing to critique is that the world requires a tomato on every sandwich, no matter what the season. Once those mealy offenders were removed, it was a double-fisted, full-on mouth riot of tasty flavors.

Twisted Fork Grille truck is licensed for both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Find out which curb they'll next grace by tracking them on Facebook and Twitter.
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Twisted Fork Grille

1342 Grand Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105


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