Twin Cities vs. Sin City Smashburgers: Which is best?

Burger battle

Burger battle

When we spotted Smashburger's Sin City Burger--a decadent burger designed to recall the gluttony of Las Vegas--we wanted to know: How does it stack up against our local hero, er, burger, the Twin Cities Smashburger? Read on to see what we decided.


Sin City The Sin City Smashburger, according to the Smashburger blog, "starts with a one-third or half-pound ball of 100-percent certified Angus beef, fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, grilled onions, haystack onions, and smash sauce on an artisan egg bun." Translation: this burger is hellbent on giving you heartburn.

Twin Cities The Twin Cities Smashburger, admittedly, is still a greasy burger. This one, though, is not topped with bacon and, essentially, fried onion rings, but a combination of Swiss and cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on an onion bun. The lettuce and tomatoes provide a welcome break from the cheeseburger trinity of beef-cheese-bun.

The winner: Call me a simple, Midwestern, Jenny-from-the-dock kind of eater, but I'm siding with the Twin Cities Smashburger. Sin City's onslaught of artery-clogging toppings was just too much to swallow in a single sitting.

Whichever burger you choose, a 1/3-pounder will cost you $4.99. Check the Smashburger Web site for Minnesota locations.