'Twerkey Cake' quickly sells out at Minnesota bakery

Better believe that turkey is also a stripper.

Better believe that turkey is also a stripper. Nadia Cakes

You've heard of the turkey club sandwich. Now meet the turkey strip club cake. 

Thong-clad and dollar-strewn, the so-called Twerkey Cake sold out almost instantly at Nadia Cakes, a Minnesota-headquartered bakery with locations in Maple Grove, Woodbury, and California. 

Lead designer Lucas Rorvick cooked up the cheeky concept, despite apprehensions from his boss, Nadia Cakes owner Abby Jimenez.

"He thought it would be funny," Jimenez says. "I was hesitant because it's a little edgy and I initially told him no, that he couldn't make it. He made it anyway!"

Turns out demand is high for sweet, twerking turkeys. The cake sold out at every location, Jimenez reports, and won't be available again before Thanksgiving. Those seeking Twerkey Cakes sporting "a festive Christmas design" are in luck: Nadia Cakes is already accepting pre-orders at all locations for the $100 treat that serves 10. A gluten-free version of the glute-sporting bird is available. 

UPDATE: Nadia Cakes is experiencing backlash from sex workers who consider the Twerkey Cake dehumanizing. 

You might remember Nadia Cakes' last headline-grabbing creation: The viral "Vageode" cake, which totally looked like a vagina. That yonic dessert prompted one incredulous City Pages writer to ask, "We've heard of Georgia O'Keeffe ... but Georgia O'CAKE?!"

Jimenez is a self-taught pastry chef; her shop won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2012.

In other local twerking turkey news, please play this 2016 video from St. Paul artist Joel Erkkinen at the Thanksgiving table: