Turtle Bread Longfellow, a first look

Longfellow neighborhood residents recline in the early summer sun sipping coffee, chewing pastries, lulled by the rhythmic scraping of potters across the street creating rustic works of art. The newest Turtle Bread outlet opened its doors this month in south Minneapolis's Longfellow neighborhood. It's on a quiet street, just a couple blocks from the river, shaded by leafy green trees.

We stopped by recently for a small taste and a look around.

Two spacious and sunny dining areas set off the bakery area. Turtle Bread specialties like baskets of fresh-baked bread and a cooler case filled with cakes are proudly displayed. Traditional breakfast options are all available, as well as espresso and specialty coffee drinks.

Lunch consists of the homemade soups and sandwiches full of fresh ingredients that will be familiar to anyone who has visited one of Harvey McLain's other bakery locations.

Large tins of extra virgin olive oil, cheese, and other gourmet treats are available for sale as well.

We ordered the 4205 Breakfast sandwich, named for the building. The sandwich was two fried eggs over medium with cheddar cheese, our choice of meat (bacon--like you had to ask) on a super soft sesame bun ($7). It was straightforward and handily prepared, with good bacon cooked until just crispy. Something easy to eat on the go.

Service was friendly and plentiful, with nearly a one-to-one employee-to-patron ratio.

Turtle Bread 4205 East 34th Street, Minneapolis Turtle Bread website

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